TLC’s Book Design Team

AKA The Cover Girls: Tami, Erin, & Monica

We are often referred to as “The Cover Girls” and though we do far more than design covers, we think it’s a fun title. (In fact at a conference years ago, we were wearing our “Ask Me, I’m a Cover Girl” buttons and a teen boy asked Erin if she really was a Cover Girl!) We take our service to you seriously, but love to have fun in the process. Altogether, we have more than 80 years experience helping authors get their books over the finish line with grace, style and humor.

Tamara Dever


Tamara, Tami, Tam — she’ll answer to them all and more, as long as it’s something nice! Tami is the co-owner and founder of TLC Graphics, which began as a freelance business while she was in high school, so very long ago. Faced with the choice of commuting her life away or having no job at all, she decided to give her freelance business a full-time try in 1997. The business has since grown from design studio to a complete publishing development firm, with—dare we say?—a wonderful reputation for providing outstanding design and caring customer service.

Tami is “into” a lot of things: horses, the Packers (Don’t bug her on game day!), music reality shows, Billy Joel, and ’70s and ’80s music. (Hint: Need help putting on an eighties dance? She is physically incapable of saying “no”!) She’s a designerschedulekeeperadvicegiverauthorsupportsystemmoodpickerupper and probably something else we forgot.

Erin Stark


An award-winning interior design specialist, Erin has 18 years of experience in the graphic design and publishing industries. This woman is often the unsung hero, having a specialty in interior design and layout — you know, the stuff in-between the covers. You probably didn’t even realize somebody does that — and she does it painstakingly well! Yes, perfect kerning, margins, leading, hyphenation, and folios are some of her favorite things.

You never know what you’ll find Erin doing — hiking in a national park, learning to knit, teaching Bible study, reading her two millionth book, traveling to visit one of her kids in another state or country, cheering for the Badgers or Packers, or making giveaway goodies for a conference. She’s the most interesting woman in the (TLC) world.

Monica Thomas


Monica has more than sixteen years of publishing design experience and has won multiple awards for her design savvy. It’s doubtful there’s anything this woman can’t design well. She’s the one who says “yes” because she hasn’t done it before and wants to learn. Then she gets up in the wee hours of the morning to work in peace and get inspiration. The rest of us are often relieved when we hear she’s taking a nap, as we couldn’t bear for her to lose her mojo.

She’s also our children’s book guru, though her vocabulary is far more advanced than what you’ll find in these cute little tomes and she has graduated from the box of 64 Crayons. Though she often smells like horse and dons a mixture of dog and horse hair, she somehow manages to always remain her adorable self.

How Did We Meet?

Erin and I (Tami) met on the job in 1993 in Madison, WI while working for separate divisions within a small publishing company. We weren’t allowed to share equipment, so when I returned to my office to find her using my computer, I freaked out and blurted something snotty. We’ve been best friends ever since! Monica joined us in 2000, shortly after I moved to Austin, Texas. A fellow designer recommended she ask if we were hiring, and though we weren’t, one look at her portfolio made me say “yes.” Little did we know that for three years we had actually lived within 15 minutes of each other in the Sacramento area. We all share a love of great design, our families, serving others, and our love for Jesus. ­Though we all live far apart, we’re virtually inseparable. – Tami


We Want to Be On Your Team

We are here to help make your publishing journey enjoyable and successful. Your book should be something that fits within its genre yet stands out among its competition. Along with that, you should absolutely love it and be proud to place it in the marketplace. We want to become your partner, making this a fun and rewarding process for everyone. We absolutely love to hear from authors, so please send us an email with your questions. We’ve got the answers.