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Our team understands that publishing can be exciting, daunting, and even frightening sometimes, regardless of who’s doing the publishing. We are dedicated to supporting you through the challenges and opportunities that you might encounter on this journey. Email us to set up a free phone consultation to discuss your plans and needs. We’re here to help you produce a quality book that allows others to take you and your message seriously. You can also fill out our questionnaire to get the conversation started. 

If you’re an experienced publisher, know that we understand book design and production and are would love to become a trusted part of your team.

If you’ve never published a book before, we’ll guide you through the entire book creation process. We can do this together. We hope yours is a wonderful journey!

Tamara Dever, Owner and Creative Director of TLC Book Design


People DO judge books by their covers.

Cover design is one of the first stages in producing your book. It is also one of the most exciting, as it’s the first time your manuscript starts to look like a real book. We’ll talk with you on the phone, have you fill out a detailed questionnaire, and research your book’s audience and genre. You’ll receive several front cover designs and we’ll work together to finesse one of them into your book’s final cover.

If you are considering using a designer that does not specialize in book design, please check out these Before & After samples to help you understand the importance of doing it right the first time. The cost in time and money of working with someone inexperienced in book design can be extremely high.

Cover design also includes design of the back cover and spine to match the chosen front, a Bookland EAN bar code, creation of a press-ready PDF file set to your printer’s specifications, and electronic images of cover — both flat and 3D mockups — in various sizes and formats for client’s promotional purposes. You will receive all of the working files when the project is finished.

Interior Design & Layout

Interior Design is more important than you think.

A book’s front cover serves as its billboard, begging for you to pick it up. If it does its job, the buyer will flip the book over to quickly peruse the back. IF he’s still interested, he’ll do a “flip” through the interior. If that interior is not inviting and readable, he’s going to put it back and buy your competition. The interior is what usually drives a customer to the checkout!

Interior design is the process of formatting each page in a book with the primary purpose of readability. What’s not so simple is putting all of its elements together into a seamless package. Using your professionally-edited manuscript, we begin creating your book’s interior design based on the finished front cover design for branding continuity. Upon your approval of these initial page designs, we’ll then proceed to lay out the entire book, eventually saving to a PDF file that’s ready for proofreading.

We work in InDesign, but if you have an older book that needs updating, we are able to work with Quark files as well.

Interior design and layout details also include formatting frontmatter, copyright page, a title page design to match front cover, and backmatter. We pay strict attention to typesetting details such as widows, orphans, line spacing, hyphenation, and kerning. Layout of index included when applicable. Up to two reasonable rounds of changes made after proofreading.

Children’s Picture and Chapter Book Design

We’ll make sure you’re at the top of your game.

Publishing children’s books can be both challenging and rewarding — kind-of like the kids themselves.😉This genre is super-competitive, so you need to be at the top of the game to get noticed. This means awesome illustrations and a design to match. We develop a cohesive product with creative interior and cover designs that engage young readers and encourage a love of books. Designing picture books is a specialization within the field of book design and many choose not to offer this service. It’s one of TLC’s specialties!
Services may include: Client consultation, PDF questionnaire, storyboarding, assistance in finding the right illustrator, coordination with illustrator, schedule management, layout and design of book’s cover and interior, jacket design, creative endsheet design for hardcover books, consultation on printing options, press-ready files, and book images for promotional usage.

We can help you, no matter the state of your book:

Not yet illustrated; need page layout and illustration direction
If you and your illustrator are not sure where to start, have no plan for how to break up the text on the pages, what to illustrate, or where the illustrations should go, this is your option.

Illustrated but designer needs to manipulate and/or augment illustrations
This is the right option if the text and illustrations all have a place, but the illustrations need enhancement, color boost, color changes, or other digital manipulation.

Illustrated with a page layout and trim size in mind
If you and/or the illustrator have already determined where each illustration and text block goes, this is your option.

Note: Illustration is a completely separate service not offered directly by TLC Book Design. We are, however, happy to help you find the right talent to bring your project to life.

Editorial Services


If you’re tempted to skip this step, then please consider how serious you are about publishing. Regardless of the proficiency of the author, every manuscript needs professional copy editing and proofreading. Not all are in need of content editing. Because we care greatly about the quality of your book, working with a professional editor is a strongly-recommended step. (We’d require it, but we’re not your publisher!) You really don’t want to see what happens if you skip it. It’s not pretty.

Content Editing

This is the first of two main steps in manuscript editing. Content editing addresses and offers suggestions on global content issues in the manuscript rather than technical issues. This includes tone, repetition, unclear points, need for additional content as well as deletion of unnecessary content, and whether the target audience is being adequately addressed and the goals of the author are being met. Also addresses similar content questions in front matter, e.g., copyright page, foreword, preface and introduction. Some manuscripts are in great need of this super-thorough stage of editing and others can skip right to copy editing. Our staff can give you an unbiased opinion if you’re unsure.

Copy Editing

This is the final editing step and happens before we begin interior design and layout. It includes basic technical editing tasks such as checking grammar, usage, organization, and consistency, along with thorough attention to style, consistency and accuracy of annotations, bibliography, and text citations.


Proofreading happens after the interior layout is complete. This is your last chance to find any problems before going to press. It includes checking for typographical errors, misspelled words, punctuation, consistent style elements, and other basic errors. It must be complete prior to indexing.


Creation of a high-quality, concise index structured to accurately reflect the book’s contents is imperative to many non-fiction books. Not including one can actually freak out some booksellers enough to reject your book. It’s a highly-specialized skill and we’re always amazed by what goes into a quality index. This is the last step before sending the book to press.

Ghost Writing

No, this is not a supernatural phenomenon, although it may seem like it when you receive your manuscript! If you’re unsure of your writing skills or just don’t have time to write (and have a very large budget), this is the trick to getting it done. Working closely with you to get the facts and/or story, the ghostwriter—who often remains anonymous to the public—will interview you, write your initial manuscript, and may even contribute to the research behind it.



There are so many details involved in printing books!

How many? Which binding? Which printer? Gloss or matte cover? What weight and finish of text stock? We’re here to help you answer these questions and more. The first step is to determine the best method for printing: short-run digital, traditional offset, on-demand, or a combination. We can take care of the myriad details involved in deciding specs, gathering estimates, and getting your files to and through the press. We have long-term relationships with many quality printing companies and there are no minimum or maximum quantities if you choose to print through us.

E-Book Conversion


We make it easy!

Once your book is ready to print, we’ll use your final files and convert them to a high-quality e-book, generally within 10 working days. You’ll receive complete e-pub and mobi files to work with major e-readers and Kindle, respectively. Unlike e-books produced by common free online conversion programs, the design of your e-book will closely resemble design of printed book and wow your iPad- and Kindle-hugging friends. Publishing a full-color book? Children’s book? No problem! We can convert that, too.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise

Our clients get so much more than just a beautiful book! With over 20 years experience in the publishing business, we have a lot of knowledge that we are happy to share with you. Please note, these services are not provided a la carte, but are available exclusively for our book design clients.

Publishing Consulting


Do you have questions? We have answers.

Need to determine whether self-publishing is right for you? If you should print in color or black and white? What competitions to enter with your gorgeous new book? Whether to bind in hardcover or softcover? What type of editing your manuscript requires? Throughout the whole book creation process, we’ll be here to guide you in making wise decisions, so don’t hesitate to ask. Join the TLC family today!