Old-school rock-and-roll
like you’ve never read before!

“I like big books and I cannot lie
 You other authors can’t deny
 When a geek walks in with a giant tome
 Or a textbook in your face
 Then your tongue, gets tied in knots
 And you know that text is hot…”

An entertaining, brain-teasing book full of trivia, puzzles, games, and popular songs presented with new lyrics that marry a love of books with a love of classic rock and pop from the 1970s and 1980s.

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  • Rewritten songs that will make you laugh out loud
  • Music + book trivia
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Brain teasers and quizzes


If your favorite pastimes include books and listening to ’70s and ’80s music, you’re going to have a blast with this book. It will make you laugh and smile, bringing humor and nostalgia to your day. The book will test your knowledge of books, their authors, and classic rock and pop songs and their artists.

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Trivia, activities,
and lyrical fun!

Who sings a song about a character in Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire?
(Find out on page 3.)


If musicians wrote career books, what might they be titled?
(Doctor Doctor? Physical?)

If Kajagoogoo wrote a book, why would they decline an author interview?
(They’re “Too Shy!”)

Which music video from Toto has the band playing atop a stack of books?
(Find the answer on page 42!)

“I'll be ordering copies for the band.
This is a cool way to pass the time
while waiting for downbeat.”
– MATT WILSON, “Piano Man” in the Billy Joel and Twyla Tharp
Tony award-winning musical “Movin’ Out,” 30-year touring musician, entrepreneur, author

“There are so many laugh-out-loud moments in this book, and readers will no doubt be hopelessly devoted to Dever’s ingenious concept. Five stars!
– IAN LAMONT, founder, IN 30 MINUTES guides

“[We] spent an afternoon playing the games, challenging each other in trivia, and laughing.
Thanks for the rock-and-roll joy bomb!
– TJ GREANEY, host, The Outdoor Zone Radio Show,
owner, Country Line Magazine, and author, Year 13

Book and music geeks rejoice! Finally, there’s a book for you that offers the best of both. This collection of ’70s & ’80s songs with new literary-themed lyrics, a collection of unique games, trivia, and word-play galore is like nothing you’ve read or seen before. Each section offers a book- and music-related theme with tons of clever & fun activities. The book includes interesting pop culture moments as well as a bit of musical history. So grab a copy, warm up those vocal cords (or at least your sense of humor) and enjoy this funny, fast-paced, kaleidoscope of a book!
– CONNIE HICKS, school librarian, teacher, and former musical theater major

“Wow, does this bring back memories of favorite songs
from the ’70s and ’80s when I was spinning them!”
– JONATHAN LITTLE, ’70s & ’80s radio DJ

“I was laughing out loud at every other page! So much creativity and such a fun spin on the classics. This is the perfect read for any music lover or avid book reader!
Or anyone just looking for a laugh.”
- ADLEY, viral video sensation and Grammy-awarded entertainer 

“I found myself singing the clever, new lyrics to well-known tunes multiple times.
An absolute delight!
– LISA J JISA, author of Pearls of Winter

A fun gift for yourself, your friends, and anyone else
who’s looking to relax after A Hard Day’s Night.”
– GENA B. McCOWN, author of Women’s Ministry with Purpose

“Through games, puzzles, and trivia, take a fun journey through the ’70’s and ’80s with the books and music that made you possible. Creative, inventive, and fun. A great book!
– TWEED SCOTT, national award-winning author, former DJ,
and two-time president of the Writer's League of Texas