Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I have a manuscript. Now what?
A: Great question! The answer can be slightly different for each client. Send us an email so we can discuss your dreams, goals, and marketing ideas. This will allow us to set up a plan tailored to your needs. In general, each book needs editing, cover design, interior design, proofreading, possibly an index, and printing. Ebook conversion is common as well. We can provide all of these services or just a few, working with people you already have in place.

Q: How long will it take to produce my book?
A: As you can imagine, this depends on many factors so each project has its own timeline. If you need all editorial, all design, printing, and ebook conversion, it can take 3–5 months to produce. Custom illustrations and photography, ghostwriting, or overseas printing can add several months to that. Keep in mind that we’re often booked up to 3 months in advance. Click here to download our typical production timeline.

Q: Do you review manuscripts before accepting them?
A: To provide the best service to our clients, each project is reviewed by the TLC staff. This ensures the best possible relationship and end result. We select our projects carefully and for any that aren’t a good fit, we will recommend talented colleagues to assist in bringing them to fruition.

Q: What if I already have a finished cover?
A: If you have a professional cover but are in need of interior design, we’d still love to work with you. Just send us an inquiry e-mail along with your manuscript in Word and a JPG or PDF of the front cover and we’ll put together an estimate. If you’re not sure if your cover is high enough quality, we’re happy to analyze it at no cost.

Q: What if I already have an idea for my cover?
A: Tell us! Scribble it out. Take a stab at it. We are not snobby artists! We want to know what you have in mind — and we want you to know what we have in mind. When you hire us to design your book’s cover, you’ll receive 3–5 front cover designs based both on your ideas and our own. We’ll always give you our professional opinion, but you have final say. That’s the beauty of self-publishing!

Q: I’ve already published the first book in my series, but it wasn’t designed well. Is it too late for the series?
A: It’s not too late, but let’s redesign the series right away. Typically our authors will begin the new look with the next new book in the series and then redesign previously-published volumes when inventory gets low. Upgrading your image can really boost sales!

Q: Do you design or convert ebooks?
A: We do both and our converted ebooks look great! We take care to make them look as close to the printed version as possible to continue the brand begun in print.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: Because each project has different needs, each project is a custom bid. We want to talk with you about your goals, determine your needs, and take a look at your manuscript before determining the cost of producing your book. Our cover design fee is a flat rate of $3,000. Please see the services page for more information.

Q: Do I need to find my own printer?
A: No, but you may. Printing can be very daunting with choices of methods, papers, cover treatments, trim sizes, binding styles, and sifting through confusing RFQs. Because of this, we’re happy to take care of printing for you. If you enjoy the printing process and want to use the printer of your choice, we’re happy to produce files to their specs.

Q: Do you offer print-on-demand services?
A: We are not printers or publishers, so we do not provide print-on-demand (POD). If you would like to use this printing model, we’re happy to provide files set up for your chosen printer (often IngramSpark or CreateSpace).

Q: How do I choose between digital and offset printing? What about POD?
A: Let’s discuss your options. Email to set up a phone meeting and we’ll chat about your publishing plans, goals, and budget. This information will help us guide you to the right solution.

Q: Will you become the publisher of my book?
A: We do not become your publisher. That’s always you. Whether you’re a representative from a publishing company or an independent author, we’re simply here to provide the guidance and services you need to produce a great-quality book, while you retain copyright and control of your book.