Before & After Book Makeovers

Everyone loves a good makeover. It’s fun to see something go from less than great to “wow.” We think these examples will help you quickly see the difference in books created by a novice or non-book specialist in comparison to a seasoned professional book designer.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get lots of questions from first-time authors about how book design and the publishing process work. Here are answers to some of the most common questions. You can always contact us for more information!

Design Mistakes To Avoid

Are you thinking of designing your own marketing materials? Here’s some great advice on how to avoid looking like an amateur.

12 Self-Publishing Pitfalls

If you want to be taken seriously and build a good reputation, you must first take your book seriously. This means creating a quality book, inside and out. Any one of these issues can lock you out of the running as a legitimate publisher.