About TLC Book Design

If you’re an indie author, we know that you’ve put countless hours into writing, editing, and maybe even illustrating your book, and you’ve arrived at the place where you need a partner to get you over the finish line. That’s where TLC comes in. In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, you need your book to stand out from the crowd for the right reasons.

As a traditional or even hybrid publisher, you need high-end design that will be accepted by your distributor and represent your company and author well. You don’t need prima donna artists, but team-oriented designers who know the ins and outs of creating quality books and error-free press-ready files.

A book’s design should be something that fits within its genre, yet stand out against its competition. It must catch the eye of reviewers, readers, and bookstore owners. At TLC Book Design, we serve publishers and authors by becoming a valued partner, making this a fun and rewarding process for everyone involved.


“This book has become an unqualified commercial success. … as often as not, the book sells itself. That’s due to you and the ‘cover girls’. I have the best book designers on the planet! I brag on you guys all the time. Again, thank you for everything but most of all…your friendship. It means more to me than anything else.”


How Are We Different?

TLC is proud to offer you outstanding service and that special attention to detail that makes your books stand out above the competition. Learning about your purpose in publishing is one of our first priorities. You’ll find that our entire team is truly dedicated to helping you produce the best book possible.

  • Your goals matter! We honestly care about you, your book, and your publishing goals.
  • Your books deserves our industry-proven quality in design, editorial, and printing.
  • The value of 70+ combined years of book creation experience is brought to every project.
  • Your book’s design will be custom-created according to its market needs. No templates here!
  • You deserve to always receive caring, personal, yet professional service.
  • We’re selective over the books we create, ensuring an enjoyable and successful experience.

“We’ve worked with dozens of designers and agencies on all sorts of creative projects, and very few have been as talented, as organized, and as efficient as TLC Graphics. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the cover and interior design of our book. And we’re reassured every day when another book industry insider (who has seen a zillion books) picks our up and says, “Wow!”


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